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How Can I Set Up Automatic Withdrawals From My Social Security Account?

Electronic payments have been mandated by the federal government since 1999, except tax refunds. A debit card or direct deposit into a bank account is the preferred method of payment for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients.

It’s critical that you make the changeover from paper checks to electronic ones as soon as feasible.

Direct deposit is the safest and most convenient method of receiving money.

In the event that you lose or have your debit card stolen, you won’t have to worry about it again. You have the freedom to spend or preserve the money as you see proper. According to the Social Security Administration, the service is simple to set up. Direct deposit can be started or changed by logging into your my Social Security account.

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One can also contact the Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Center at 1-877-874-6347 or enrol online at godirect.gov/gpw/. FS Form 1200 can also be downloaded and mailed to the address listed below.

Go Direct Processing Center
US Department of the Treasury,
P.O. Box 650527
Dallas, TX 75265-0527

You will need your:-

Social Security number, the exact amount of your most recent Social Security payment, the routing transit number of your banking institution, your bank account number, and whether it is a checking or savings account when you sign up online, by phone, or on a paper form.