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Robert Zbegan’s Letter to the Editor: Vaccination, Not Biden, Is to Blame for the Deaths of Covid Victims

Joe Biden is being blamed for all of the COVID deaths in 2021 by a letter dated January 24th. Unvaccinated people account for roughly 90% of all COVID deaths, according to the CDC.

The president has nothing to do with people refusing vaccinations, so what’s his fault?

Republicans in Texas’ state legislature are forcing “pregnancy mandates” on women and girls who have been victims of rape and incest, while right-wing nuts compare mask and vaccine mandates to Hitler’s Third Reich.

In the Jan. 29 piece, “Fox Out to Mislead America,” the author was on target. It’s worth noting that Fox News’ longtime anchor, Shepard Smith, left for CNBC last year. He explained his decision to leave by saying, “I just want to speak the truth, present the facts, and cover the news without opinion or bias.” Wow! So much for “fair and balanced,” which has been a motto for decades.

By the way, I have a question for all of the Foxers who believe that Vice President Biden is a socialist or that he is not the duly elected leader of the free world. Taken or returned to the Treasury Department Joe’s $1,400 COVID stimulus check?

The letter of February 3 reminds us of our freedom of speech, expression, and opinion, but it does not address the Republicans’ war on history and literature. School boards, governorships, and mayorships, all of which are controlled by Republicans, are encouraging students to set fire to books. Many books are being removed from school and public libraries, along with restrictions on what history students and teachers can talk about (not much freedom of speech or expression here, is there?).

The author claims that liberal “free thinkers” are to blame for much of the crime in the United States. If we were discussing criminality, we would have to include Donald Trump, the most lawless president in history. One of Donald Trump’s most recent rallies saw the president declare that should he be elected again in 2024, he will provide amnesty to all those insurrectionist rioters who damaged the Capitol and killed a police officer on January 6, 2021 ($1 million in damage).

Free-thinking liberals aren’t among the protesters carrying Trump flags and wearing “Camp Auschwitz: T-shirts.”