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Taxpayers Will Be Able to Opt Out of Id.me Facial Recognition by Having a Live Interview With an Irs Representative.

The IRS is now offering taxpayers the option of live interviews as an alternative to the federal agency collecting their biometric data, following a huge outcry.

The IRS now offers an alternative for US taxpayers who don’t want to submit biometric data just to sign up for an online account with the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said on Monday that taxpayers will be able to prove their identification by way of a live, virtual interview when setting up an account.

The IRS is now offering a short-term solution for this year’s tax filing system using a new option in the agency’s authentication system.

The IRS drew a lot of heat for requesting taxpayers to provide a selfie as proof of their identity in the past. After agreeing to a $86 million deal with ID.me, the IRS employed facial recognition software from the firm to examine the selfies.

Facial recognition has been criticised by civil rights groups and members of Congress from both parties for being implemented without prior notice. ID.me facial recognition software will no longer be used to authenticate persons creating new online accounts by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which stated in a statement that it will “transition away from using a third-party service for face recognition.”

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In any case, senators on both sides of the aisle continued to express alarm about what information ID.me had access to in the wake of the news.

The IRS announced on Monday that taxpayers can continue to use ID.me’s biometric verification tools to automatically validate their identification.

New restrictions are in place for taxpayers who pick this option to ensure that photographs given by taxpayers are destroyed for the account being established. Additional biometric data obtained from taxpayers who have already formed an IRS Online Account will be completely erased during the next two weeks, according to IRS announcements.

The IRS is planning to use Login.Gov as an authentication method for future tax filing seasons.

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