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War in Ukraine: Satellite Images Show the Russian Ground Forces Closing in on the Ukrainian Capital of Kiev

In satellite data published by Maxar Technologies Inc., charred ground and destroyed structures were seen in Ukraine as a result of recent Russian assaults on the country.

On February 27, satellite footage provided by Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR.N) revealed charred ground and damaged structures in Ukraine as a result of recent Russian military operations against the country. A huge deployment of Russian ground troops, including tanks, was also visible in the photos, which were marching towards Kyiv.

Maximum Reporting Service (Maxar) reported that a large deployment of Russian ground forces was stationed northeast of the Ukrainian city of Ivankiv. The deployment included fuel and logistics depots as well as armoured vehicles such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and self-propelled artillery, according to Maxar.
The satellite photos also revealed damage to the Antonov airport in Hostomel as a consequence of recent bombings, as well as significant combat reported in and near the airport, according to the photographs. Maxar’s photographs also showed black smoke pouring into the sky, which he shot with his camera.

It should be emphasised that, since the buildup of Russian soldiers in Ukraine, Maxar has been keeping watch of the latest developments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country’s nuclear deterrent forces to be placed on high alert amid rising tensions with the West over the invasion of Ukraine. Apparently, the Russian defence minister and the head of the military’s General Staff have been ordered to place the nuclear deterrent forces on a “special regime of combat duty.” Putin’s command has heightened the possibility that tensions with the West over the assault on Ukraine might escalate to the point where nuclear weapons are used.

As part of a similar development, after a phone conversation with Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has decided to begin negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict

On Thursday, Russian troops initiated strikes on Ukraine that soon extended throughout the nation as they struck from three directions: land, sea, and air. Russian forces attacked from three directions: land, sea, and air. Massive explosions have been reported near Kyiv, according to the most recent update, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declaring that the nation would not be intimidated.

Even while Russia’s forces are continuing advancing the invasion with street combat, bombardment, and missiles, it has been reported that many servicemen have perished at the hands of Ukraine, and the figure is more than Moscow had anticipated.

On the first day of the battle, Russian forces pushed over the Ukrainian border in a number of different directions at the same time. They then arrived at the southern port city of Odesa before crossing the eastern border into Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, where they spent the night.