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Enhance Your Connectivity with Viasat's Reliable Satellite Internet

Viasat’s satellite internet services are dependable and designed to provide high-speed connectivity to households and businesses in a variety of locations, including rural areas. Discover them today. Viasat guarantees uninterrupted connectivity, streaming, and perusing for your digital requirements through its nationwide coverage and robust plans.

Internet Packages

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*The features and services we offer for our Internet and TV packages vary depending on the plan you choose.

Reliable High-Speed Satellite Internet

Viasat delivers reliable high-speed satellite internet, utilizing advanced technology to offer robust connectivity for homes and businesses. Enjoy fast speeds comparable to terrestrial options, ensuring seamless browsing, streaming, and online productivity. Ideal for rural and suburban areas, Viasat’s service guarantees consistent performance and reliability, empowering users with dependable internet access wherever they are.

Expansive Nationwide Internet Coverage

Benefit from Viasat’s expansive nationwide internet coverage, extending reliable high-speed connectivity to underserved and remote areas. With a broad footprint across the country, Viasat bridges the digital divide, providing essential internet access for residential and business customers alike. Enjoy seamless online experiences without geographic limitations, backed by Viasat’s commitment to accessibility and quality service.

Customizable Plans for Every Need

Viasat offers customizable internet plans designed to meet the diverse needs of customers. Whether you require basic internet access for browsing and email or high-capacity plans for streaming HD content and gaming, Viasat provides flexible options. Tailor your plan with varying speeds and data allowances to align with your usage habits and budget, ensuring you get the most out of your internet experience.

Advanced Satellite Technology

Benefit from Viasat's advanced satellite technology, delivering fast and reliable internet connectivity across wide-ranging locations.

Secure and Private Connections

Enjoy secure and private internet connections with Viasat's robust encryption and enhanced privacy features for peace of mind.

24/7 Technical Support

Access 24/7 technical support from Viasat's knowledgeable team, ready to assist with any internet-related inquiries or issues.

Service Reach

Not sure if we cover your area? Consult our location page for a detailed list of zip codes. Have more questions? Reach out to us—we’re happy to assist!

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Viasat provides high-speed internet services utilizing advanced satellite technology.

Viasat internet speeds vary by plan, with options suitable for streaming and browsing.

Viasat provides 24/7 customer support for installation, technical issues, and inquiries.

Viasat provides scalable internet solutions tailored for business needs.

Yes, Viasat ensures internet security with encryption and privacy measures.

Viasat stands out with satellite technology, offering internet access in underserved areas.

Installation includes setup of the satellite dish, modem, and alignment for optimal performance.

Yes, Viasat internet supports online gaming with low latency and reliable speeds.

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